Da 2006 que estou sendo representada pela Coran Management e sempre me representaram bem. Quando tenho problemas, duvidas, tanto em viagens quanto na agencia eles estao sempre por perto para ajudar.O suporte deles referente as modelos é sempre excelente, Obrigada pelo meu crescimento. (Juli Rovaris)

(…Coran management is my Mother Agency since 2006, and they always managed me well. When I have problems, doubts, even when traveling, they are always ready to help me.
Thanks for making me grow professionally as a Model.. Juli Rovaris)


Привет, меня зовут Тамара, я из России! В Италии работаю в первую очередь с Coran M. Хочу отметить, что агенство Coran M. Является высококвалифицированным и имеет хорошую репутацию! Когда я приехала в Милан первый раз, то Coran M. Предоставили мне очень хорошие апартаменты для проживания, мне показали весь город, нашли для меня одно из топ агенств в мире Major... Coran M. Поддерживает меня во всем...дает правильные советы и направляет меня в работе! Сейчас мы подьискиваем мне агенство в Лондоне(одно из лучших) , а после я вернусь обратно в Италию)) жду возвращения в Италию с нетерпением))) (Tamara Zhukova)

Hi, my name is Tamara! I'm from Russia! In Italy, I work straight with the Coran M. I want to say that the agency Coran M. is professional and have a very good reputation. When I arrived in Milan for the first time, the Coran M. gave me a very good apartment to live in, they showed me the city, found for me, one of the top agencies - Major ... Coran M. Supports me in everything! give the right advice and help me in my work. Now we are looking for my agency in London, one of the best, and after I come back to Italy. (Tamara Zhukova)

 Tamara Z.
Spolupracuji s Coran Management už vic čim 3 roky. Sem cestovala hlavně do Milana, taky Istanbul (Ice models), pak mam velmi dobře skušenost s Ciny (Peking) Model line agentura, sem s nimi taky pracovala v Parizi... Teď se chistam do Taj- Paju, pak do Korei... Sem s nimi spokojena, se moc dobře starají o modelky a myslím ze jsou moc profesionalni :) (Alina Fedurtso)

(.....I am working with Coran Managament more than 3 years... I work mostly in Milano, have been in Istanbul (Icemodels), had very good experience from China (Beijing) with Modelline Agency, also to Paris. My next trip going to be Taipei, then Korea. I am very happy to work with them :) In my opinion Coran is very professional...) (Alina Fedurtso)

Hello! I had a very good time in Milan. Coran Management pushed me into 2morrow model agency and I made a really good profit there. Mostly I was working for QVC shopping channel. The apartment of Coran Management was so near to Virgin Active Gym that the driver, who brought me to the television station, could pick me up there or bring me there and it was a very happy and healthy time that I had in Milan. Coran Management also did one nice test shoot for me and I did some other nice shoots in Milan. The results are some of the best pictures in my portfolio now. In the apartment we were like one small family. It was nice to have all time people around, sometimes it was a bit loud, but I was very satisfied and never felt lonely or depressed. The kitchen was very big and a great possibility to cook. I stayed 3 months in Milan and it was one of the best times in my model life. Big thanks to Coran Management for all their charming support! Doris.

(Doris Kemptner)